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Great Neck Alcohol Problems

alcohol problems substance abuse alcoholism binge heavy drinking Great Neck rehabilitation center addiction treatment New York rehab In most cases, people drink alcohol for its feel-good effects. Alcohol can make you feel more relaxed and easy going. But, it can also make you feel sad, distant, emotional, or depressed. The more alcohol you drink, the greater the effects. Moderate drinking can be beneficial and can provide better health. However, the misuse of alcohol can lead... Read More →

Coloring Therapy for Addiction Treatment Great Neck, NY

alternative drug addiction treatment coloring therapy art recovery programs contemporary western photo manipulation Great Neck city image rehabilitation center New York rehab One of the most loved activity of everyone’s childhood was coloring. Being children, we were fascinated with the different images that need to be colored, and became very excited in choosing different colors for different elements of the picture. Coloring books are an effective activity not only for child development. It is becoming more and more... Read More →

Heroin Addiction

OPIATE ADDICTION TREAT MENT GREAT NECK NY Heroin is cheap, easy to get and deadlier than ever.  Although this drug has been around for a long time, and for a while, seemed to have lost some of its popularity, it has regained its primacy in recent years.  Lately, the resurgence of heroin addiction has loved ones of addicts, parents, health and local officials deeply concerned.  The gener... Read More →

Effects of Club Drugs

DRUG ADDICTION GREAT NECK NY Club drugs are a pharmacologically similar group of psychoactive drugs generally abused at nightclubs and parties. Ongoing club drugs abuse can lead to devastating physical and psychological consequences. Some people may not be aware of the long-term club drug effects. The lasting effects these drugs can produce on the body may require specialized ... Read More →

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