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Addiction Treatment Therapy, Great Neck, NY

When people attempt to have mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia or OCD treated, they go in fully expecting the process to take years. It is no different with addiction. Addiction treatment therapy, the systematic process of equipping recovering addicts with coping skills, can take years. It is central to any rehab program.

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How does Addiction Treatment Therapy Work?

While medications may exist for conventional mental disorders, none exist to help undo the changes to the brain brought on by addiction. Intensive therapy is the only way to address the way these changes make it hard for patients to truly internalize how drugs are bad for them, and how they need to develop stronger resolve. Over the years, medical researchers, psychiatrists and psychotherapists have worked out a number of highly effective therapeutic approaches to help in this aim.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: CBT is a goal-oriented therapy program that is structured to each patient’s individual needs. In CBT, the therapist performs a functional analysis of the patient to identify the kinds of thoughts and feelings that he experienced prior to becoming addicted to a drug, and the way they are currently, after detox. Whatever personal challenges or difficulties the patient turned to drugs to escape, the therapist attempts to teach him coping skills to help him deal directly with them.

Motivational interviewing: Motivational interviewing is a therapeutic technique that aims to help patients identify personal reserves of motivation and strong resolve in aid of their aim to stay free of drugs. The aim is achieved by having empathetic therapists gently point out to patients how their drug use is inconsistent with their long-term aims in life.

Other Therapeutic Methods

Moral reconation therapy: A 12-step program, MRT is a process that aims to help recovering addicts escape base, hedonistic thinking, and rise to higher levels of thought. In MRT programs, patients learn to rise to higher planes through giving up self-centeredness helping others, making personal goals and achieving them and learning to take personal responsibility. With the greater level of self-worth that MRT offers, patients tend to be in a better position to learn to resist the temptation to take drugs.

Art therapy: People who find themselves addicted often live tortured a existence. With unmentionable impulses, unfathomable urges and deep frustrations, they find it extremely difficult to come to terms with what they hope for in life and how they make it there. Where words fail, though, art can step in. Art therapy helps patients come to terms with their frustrations and difficulties through the practice of painting, music and other kinds of art.

Find a Drug Treatment Center

Addiction treatment therapy is extremely effective in helping recovering addicts. It’s important to realize, though, that the results promised are only ever achievable with highly skilled therapists. Before you pick a rehab center, then, you need to do considerable research into the quality of their recovery treatment programs.

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