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Great Neck Alcohol Problems

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In most cases, people drink alcohol for its feel-good effects. Alcohol can make you feel more relaxed and easy going. But, it can also make you feel sad, distant, emotional, or depressed. The more alcohol you drink, the greater the effects.

Moderate drinking can be beneficial and can provide better health. However, the misuse of alcohol can lead to the development of various alcohol-related problems. Too much alcohol changes the way you feel and behave. It can also affect your judgment and the decisions you make. To find the support you need to get you back on track, contact Drug Treatment Centers Great Neck at 516-283-5681 now.

How do you know if you have an alcohol problem?

When your drinking habit interferes with your daily life and causes problems for you and for those around you, it is a problem. You might have an alcohol problem if you experience three or more of the following symptoms:

  • continue to drink alcohol despite its negative outcomes
  • if your drinking habit results in poor work performance
  • drinking interferes with your relationships
  • driving while under the influence
  • your drinking is out of control
  • you drink alone
  • experience memory lapses after a drinking session
  • failed attempts to stop drinking
  • if you have intense urges for alcohol
  • frequently use alcohol to relax, cope with stress, feel comfortable, and to reduce anxiety
  • feel guilty after drinking

Types of alcohol problems

The most common forms of alcohol problems include:

Binge drinking that is characterized by drinking a large amount of alcohol in a session or drinking to get drunk. Binge drinking means to have five or more drinks for a man, and four or more drinks for a woman in one session.

Alcohol abuse is when an individual drinks alcohol in large amounts too often. People who abuse alcohol are unable to control their alcohol intake, despite the negative results.

Alcohol dependence is a chronic disease that is characterized by intense cravings and tolerance to alcohol. An alcohol-dependent person’s body and brain are adapted to alcohol, and need alcohol to feel and function normally. Alcohol dependence produces damages to one’s physical and mental health.

Alcohol-related problems can affect your life in different ways. Usually, it is difficult to admit or to recognize that you have an alcohol related problem. To learn more about alcohol problems, please contact Drug Treatment Centers Great Neck at 516-283-5681.


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