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Coloring Therapy for Addiction Treatment Great Neck, NY

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One of the most loved activity of everyone’s childhood was coloring. Being children, we were fascinated with the different images that need to be colored, and became very excited in choosing different colors for different elements of the picture. Coloring books are an effective activity not only for child development. It is becoming more and more popular in treating addiction as well. To learn about this and other types of alternative addiction treatment, contact Drug Treatment Centers Great Neck at (516) 283-5681.

What is coloring therapy?

Coloring therapy is a form of art therapy and implies coloring different images, pictures, books, etc. The key elements of the therapy are using one’s hands and imagination.

Coloring was first used in ancient periods of time to promote strong mental health. In time, it became a form of relaxation and meditation. That is because coloring uses both hemispheres of the brain, and psychologically leads to balance and calm in the lives of people who are coloring.

How does coloring therapy work on addicts Great Neck, NY

Treating alcohol or drug addiction has a very difficult phase – withdrawal and cravings. It is the period of time when you are affected both physically and emotionally, and resisting is almost impossible. Coloring proved to be quite a helpful thing in such situations.

The repetitive movements people do with their hands while coloring helps them stay focused on the activity, which results in positive psychological changes, and a relaxing effect on the mind and the body. You become captivated, especially when you have to choose colors you need, and start using your imagination. In this way, working with colors and focusing on enjoyable imagery may enliven you and reduces the most difficult withdrawal symptoms: anxiety and depression.

In addition, coloring may be a relapse prevention tool. Maybe when people in addiction recovery start feeling cravings, they can focus on coloring the pictures and finishing them, instead of staying with the cravings or returning to substance use.

Therefore, even a simply designed piece of paper and a few colored pencils, can lead to reducing stress, increasing focus, reaching inner calm, and stimulation of the brain in an organized and natural manner.

However, it’s important to notice, that coloring doesn’t treat your addiction. It should be used in coordination with other detox and counseling programs. This type of therapy eases your recovery process and may help you stay sober without any relapse.

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