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Heroin Addiction


Heroin is cheap, easy to get and deadlier than ever.  Although this drug has been around for a long time, and for a while, seemed to have lost some of its popularity, it has regained its primacy in recent years.  Lately, the resurgence of heroin addiction has loved ones of addicts, parents, health and local officials deeply concerned.  The general threat in Great Neck when it comes to heroin addiction surrounds the transition from prescription pill abuse to heroin as a substitute. Also concerning is the trend towards mixing heroin with fentanyl which is an equally lethal drug.

Cost of Heroin

The price of this drug is one of the greatest perpetuators of heroin addiction. Because heroin is less expensive than other drugs like prescription pills or cocaine, it makes starting and feeding a heroin addiction not only possible for most, but easy. For instance, the average cost of a single dose of heroin on the street ranges from $10 to $25.00. As far as what drives the cost; there are a number of variables such as:

  • How the drug is processed
  • The quality or purity of the cocaine used
  • Availability in the area

Unfortunately, although a heroin habit may start out being affordable at first, as the addiction escalates, the cravings for this drug also increase. Some hardened heroin addicts can spend up to and in excess of $150 to $200 daily on heroin to achieve the high they seek.

Access to Heroin

Drug pushers are not subtle about their tactics to peddle this deadly substance.  Their intention is to create a high demand which means constantly initiating end users who are so obsessive about getting and using heroin that they become valuable repeat customers.  One college student told a reporter that today’s drug dealers will even “give” heroin away to a first time user in order create a demand for their product.  According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the amount of heroin seized at the Mexican border between 2008 and 2012 has more than tripled. The DEA also suggest that the reason for the uptick is most likely due to the increase in Mexican production of this drug and savvy techniques by drug traffickers to expand into new markets.

Heroin Abuse Deadlier Than Ever

The 50/50 blend of heroin and fentanyl has been linked to multiple overdose deaths.  According to law enforcement the substance found at many drug overdose death scenes test positive for this heroin/fentanyl mix.  This deadly cocktail first gained media attention after it had reportedly taken the lives of at least twenty-two people in one weekend.

Clinical studies show that Fentanyl is at least 20 times more potent than heroin. When combined they can quickly override the body’s ability to survive these high toxic levels.

Heroin is currently, one of the most abused drugs in the nation primarily because heroin facilitates rapid increase in tolerance levels which cause dependency and addiction to this drug to occur quickly.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is not easily stopped without professional help.  Drug Treatment Centers Great Neck provide comprehensive evidence-based treatment programs to overcome heroin and other substance abuse disorders.  Our programs are administered by board certified addiction specialist in our state of the art facility.  The primary goals at Drug Treatment Centers Great Neck is to get to the root cause of the addiction, identify and treat underlying issues and restore health to the individual’s mind, body and spirit.

If you or a loved one is battling heroin addiction, seek help as soon as possible to avoid a potential fatal overdose.  Call Drug Treatment Centers Great Neck today at (516) 283-5681.

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